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Advocacy on Tibet at the United Nations

Tibet Justice Center’s expert lawyers and academics have been engaging the United Nations on Tibet periodically over the past several decades through participation in reviews of China by United Nations human rights treaty bodies, and at the Human Rights Council. China appears increasingly to be using its position on forums such as the UN Human Rights Council to lend legitimacy to its emergence as a world leader and divert attention from its own appalling human rights abuses. TJC recognises that the United Nations alone cannot effectuate change in Tibet, but it remains an important arena in which to challenge China and to build support from other UN member states to stand up for Tibet. In January 2013, TJC made a strategic decision to increase our level of engagement at the UN so that China’s damaging policies in Tibet are concretely and consistently linked to the global perception of China’s overall human rights record at the UN. We want to get to a place where the situation in Tibet is seen as a litmus test for human rights change in China.

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