Legal Materials on Tibet
Other Governmental Bodies

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Italian Parliament Commission of Foreign Affairs Motion on Tibet (1989) [p.323]

Basque Autonomous Country Parliament Resolution on Tibet (1995) [p.324]

Report of Austrian Delegation of Legal Experts to China and Tibet (1992) [p.325]

Parliament of Liechtenstein - Resolution to Welcome Dalai Lama (1996) [p.329]

Belgium House of Representatives Resolution on Tibet (1994) [p.330]

Belgium Chamber of Representatives Resolution on Tibet (1996) [p.332]

Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg Resolution (1996) [p.335]

Two Hundred French Parliamentarians Appeal for Tibet (1996) [p.336]

Nordic Saami Parliaments Statement on Tibet (1996) [p.340]

Canadian Senate Resolution, Motion Respecting Human Rights in China and Tibet (1995) [p.341]

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