Legal Materials on Tibet
Governmental & Nongovernmental Organizations

Numbers in brackets (e.g. [p.1]) indicate page in print version.

ICJ Report on the Question of Tibet and the Rule of Law (excerpt) (1959) [p.342]

ICJ Report on Tibet and China (excerpt) (1960) [p.346]

International Convention on Tibet and Peace in South Asia (1989) [p.349]

Excerpt from International Hearings on Tibet and Human Rights, Bonn (1989) [p.350]

Nobel Peace Prize Citation of Dalai Lama (1989) [p.351]

Liberal International Congress on Tibet, Luzern (1991) [p.352]

Permanent Tribunal of People's Verdict on Tibet (1992) [p.353]

Conference of International Lawyers Statement (1993) [p.355]

Delhi Convention of Parliamentarians Resolution (1994) [p.361]

Second World Parliamentarians Convention Resolution on Tibet (1995) [p.366]

International Parliamentarians Union's 12+ Group Memorandum on Tibet (1996) [p.368]

The World Conservation Congress (IUCN) Resolution (1996) [p.369]

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