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Supplementary Agreement Regarding Mutual Withdrawal of Troops and Cessation of Hostilities Between Chinese and Tibetans (1918) [409]


10 OCTOBER, 1918

Translation from Chinese and Tibetan texts

1. The Chinese and Tibetan leaders are equally desirous of peace. The Chinese troops will withdraw to Kantze. The Tibetan troops win withdraw to within the boundary of Derge district. Both Chinese and Tibetans undertake not to advance their forces along either the Northern or Southern Roads and to cease all hostilities for a year from the date of the mutual withdrawal of troops pending the receipt of the decisions of the President of the republic and the Dalai Lama regarding the Chiamdo negotiations.

2. This agreement only concerns the mutual withdrawal of troops and cessation of hostilities, and is not a definite settlement of the questions at issue.

3. The mutual withdrawal of troops to commence on October�17, (12th day of 9th Moon) and to be completed by October�31, (26th day of 9th Moon).

4. This agreement is concluded between Han Kuang-chun and the Chala Chief, special representatives of the Szechuan Frontier Commissioner, on the one hand, and the Kenchung Lama and Chungrang and Drentong Dapons, representing the Kalon Lama of Tibet, on the other, and is witnessed by Mr. Eric Teichman, British Vice-Consul, as middleman. The signatories engage to report the matter to their respective Governments as soon as possible.

Signed and sealed by the Chinese, Tibetan, and British Representatives, at Rangbatsa, October the 10th, 1918.

Additional Article

The Chinese troops shall withdraw to Kantze, but they shall be at liberty to occupy the strategic point of Beri�-- beyond which point, however, they must not advance during the cessation of hostilities.

(Signed by the three parties)


1. Source: Crown-copyright document in the India Office Records, L/P&S/10/ 714, E. Teichman to J. Jordan, 11.10.1918, Inclosure 3. Crown-copyright documents in the India Office Records and the Public Record Office reproduced and/or transcribed in this publication appear by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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