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Nordic Saami Parliaments Statement on Tibet (1996) [p.340]


Guovdageaidnu, Norway, 26 May 1996


On behalf of the Saami people in Norway, Sweden and Finland,

the Nordic Saami Parliaments support the basic rights of the Tibetan people to decide upon their own future in accordance with the principles of self-determination as laid down by the United Nations. Today Tibet is an occupied country. The Chinese invasion is a breach of international law and a threat to the security of nations.

The Nordic Saami Parliaments condemn the continued violation of human rights perpetrated by the Chinese authorities against the Tibetan people.

The Saami Parliaments give their support to His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the rightful leader of Tibet and his non-violent campaign for a free and independent Tibet. The Chinese authorities must unconditionally undertake negotiations with HH the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, with the purpose of finding immediate solutions.

The Saami Parliaments support the declaration and plan of action decided upon by the first World Parlamentarians Convention on Tibet in New Delhi, India in March 1994, pledging its support for Tibet s struggle for freedom and independence.

We appeal to the peaceloving people of the world to work for the restoration of the manifest rights of the Tibetan people to self-determination and independence.

Ole Henrik Magga


Saami Parliament, Norway

Ingwar ]hren

Chairman of the board

Saami Parliament, Sweden

Pekka Aikio


Saami Parliament, Finland

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