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Two Hundred French Parliamentarians Appeal for Tibet (1996) [p.336]


Recognizing that, throughout its history and up until the Chinese invasion, Tibet succeeded in retaining its national, cultural and religious specificity distinct from Chinese identity,

Recalling that prior to the Chinese invasion of 1949 Tibet was recognized de facto by numerous States and that, according to established principles of international law and United Nations resolutions, Tibet constitutes an occupied territory,

Aware of the invasion and occupation of Tibet by People's Republic of China and the annexing of the provinces of Kham and Amdo to adjacent Chinese provinces, representing one half of the original territory of Tibet,

Aware also that, as a consequence of the massive transfer of ethnic Chinese to Tibet, Tibetans are already a minority in their own country and that the recent increase in population transfer runs the risk of rapidly bringing about the demise of the Tibetan people,

Deeply concerned about the systematic violation of fundamental human rights, in particular through forced abortions and the wide-scale sterilization of women, by kidnappings, disappearances, arbitrary arrests, recognized use of torture, etc.,

Having considered the racial discrimination inflicted on the Tibetans by the Chinese, in particular with respect to equality of access to education, housing, health and employment,

Having also considered the widespread destruction of the Tibetan cultural heritage, in particular that of religious buildings (6,000 temples destroyed),

Concerned about the serious attacks against the environment perpetrated in Tibet, the effects of wich are likely to spill over its borders,

Bearing in mind General Assembly resolutions 1353, 1723 and 2079 and, in particular, the European Parliament resolutions of 13 July and 14 December 1995

The undersigned Parliamentarians, for these reasons,

1. Appeal to the Government of the People's Republic of China to immediately halt the Chinese population transfer into Tibet which it is encouraging and organizing, and to commence the process of decolonization of Tibet ;

2. Also appeal to the Government of the People's Republic of China to cease violations of human rights and to guarantee the respect of the fundamental human rights of peoples and individuals as defined in the United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights ;

3. Propose that the mandate of the United Nations Committee on Decolonization be enlarged to cover the question of decolonization of Tibet ;

4. Recognize the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Government-in-exile and Parliament as the true and legetimate representatives of the Tibetan people and request that they be granted observer status at the General Assembly of the United Nations

5. Invite the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Tibetan Government-in-exile to open negociations with a view to solving the Sino-Tibetan problem through dialogue ;

6. Call upon the French Government and bodies of the European Union to support any and all initiatives in this direction ;

7. Urge the French Government and bodies of the European Union to emphasize to the Chinese authorities the inadmissibility of the on-going oppression of the Tibetan people in the light of the fundamental principles set out in the United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

8. Request that the question of Tibet be placed on the agendas of forthcoming sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Commission on Human Rights and further request the French Government and bodies of the European Union to work towards this end ;

9. Call upon the French Government and bodies of the European Union to intervene in all relevant international fora and there to do all that may be deemed necessary to bring about the objectives of the present appeal ;

10. Pledge their support for the efforts undertaken by the Dalai Lama to peacefully reinstate political, cultural and religious liberties in Tibet and encourage his continued action in favour of free determination of the Tibetan people ;

11. Remain mindful that one-and-a-half million Tibetans have perished since the Chinese occupation and pledge their unswerving support to the Tibetan people in their struggle, in the scrupulous respect of the principles of non-violence, to preserve their identity and the durability of their culture and religion ;

12. Call upon their honorable parliamentary colleagues to ensure that their respective Parliaments strive, in perfect coordination and single-mindedness, towards evermore efficient preservation of the identity and future of the Tibetan people and, more generally, propagation of the ideals of democracy and fundamental human rights ;

13. Transmit the text of the present appeal to the Dalai Lama, the Government- in-exile and the Tibetan Parliament, the Government of the People's Republic of China, the French Government and the bodies of the European Union, as well as to the Secretary-General of the United nations.

Names of the 200 French Parliamentarians who appealed for Tibet

Louis de BROISSIA (Depute de la Cote-d'Or) Claude HURIET (Senateur de Meurthe-et-Moselle) Nicolas ABOUT (Senateur des Yvelines) Pierre ALBERTINI (Depute de la Seine-Maritime) Michel ALLONCLE (Senateur de la Charente) Louis ALTHAPE (Senateur des Pyrenees- Atlantiques) Jean-Paul AMOUDRY (Senateur de la Haute-Savoie) Jean-Paul ANCIAUX (Depute de la Saone-et-Loire) Daniel ARATA (Depute de l'Aude) Henri-Jean ARNAUD (Depute de l'Ardeche) Alphonse ARZEL (Senateur du Finistere) Lionel ASSOUAD (Depute de Paris) Henri d'ATTILIO (Depute des Bouches-du-Rhone) Francois AUTAIN (Senateur de la Loire- Atlantique) Germain AUTHIE (Senateur de l'Ariege) Robert BADINTER (Senateur des Hauts- de-Seine) Denis BADRE (Senateur des Hauts-de-Seine) Bernard BARBIER (Senateur de la Cote-d'Or) Janine BARDOU (Senateur de la Lozere) Didier BARIANI (Depute de Paris) Claude BARTOLONE (Depute de Seine-Saint-Denis) Jean-Pierre BASTIANI (Depute de la Haute- Garonne) Jean-Claude BEAUCHAUD (Depute de la Charente) Jean-Louis BEAUMONT (Depute du Val-de-Marne) Rene BEAUMONT (Depute de la Saone-et-Loire) Jean-Luc BECART (Senateur du Pas-de-Calais) Michel BECOT (Senateur des Deux-Sevres) Henri BELCOUR (Senateur de la Correze) Monique BEN GUIGA (Senateur representant les Francais etablis hors deFrance) Georges BERCHET (Senateur de la Haute-Marne) Maryse BERGE-LAVIGNE (Senateur de la Haute-Garonne) Jean BERNADAUX (Senateur de Meurthe-et-Moselle) Jean BESSON (Depute du Rhone) Raoul BETEILLE (Depute de Seine-Saint-Denis) Jacques BIMBENET (Senateur du Loir-et-Cher) Paul BLANC (Senateur des Pyrenees-Orientales) Annick BOCANDE (Senateur de la Seine-Maritime) Yvon BONNOT (Depute des Cotes-d'Armor) Marcel BONY (Senateur du Puy-de-Dome) Philippe de BOURGOING (Senateur du Calvados) Christine BOUTIN (Depute des Yvelines) Loic BOUVARD (Depute du Morbihan) Michel BOUVARD (Depute de la Savoie) Louis BOYER (Senateur du Loiret) Jacques BRACONNIER (Senateur de l'Aisne) Jean BRIANE (Depute de l'Aveyron) Christian CABAL (Depute de la Loire) Jean-Pierre CAMOIN (Senateur des Bouches-du-Rhone) Auguste CAZALET (Senateur des Pyrenees-Atlantiques) Richard CAZENAVE (Depute de l'Isere) Gilbert CHABROUX (Senateur du Rhone) Jean-Paul CHAMBRIARD (Senateur de la Haute-Loire) Marcel CHARMANT (Senateur de la Nievre) Francoise CHARPENTIER (Depute de l'Eure) Jean-Marc CHARTOIRE (Depute du Puy-de-Dome) Michel CHARZAT (Senateur de Paris) Marcel-Pierre CLEACH (Senateur de la Sarthe) Jean CLOUET (Senateur du Val-de-Marne) Raymond COUDERC (Depute de l'Herault) Jean-Patrick COURTOIS (Senateur de la Saone-et- Loire) Alain COUSIN (Depute de la Manche) Jean-Michel COUVE (Depute du Var) Marc- Philippe DAUBRESSE (Depute du Nord) Marcel DAUNAY (Senateur d'Ille-et-Vilaine) Desire DEBAVELAERE (Senateur du Pas-de-Calais) Gabriel DEBLOCK (Depute du Nord) Jean-Pierre DELALANDE (Depute du Val-d'Oise) Vincent DELAROUX (Depute de Loire-Atlantique) Jean- Paul DELEVOYE (Senateur du Pas-de-Calais) Patrick DELNATTE (Depute du Nord) Jacques DELONG (Senateur de la Haute-Marne) Jean-Jacques DELVAUX (Depute du Pas-de-Calais) Fernand DEMILLY (Senateur de la Somme) Xavier DENIAU (Depute du Loiret) Leonce DEPREZ (Depute du Pas-de-Calais) Jean DESANLIS (Depute du Loir-et-Cher) Rodolphe DESIRE (Senateur de la Martinique) Georges DESSAIGNE (Senateur de la Mayenne) Michel DESTOT (Depute de l'Isere) Emmanuel DEWEES (Depute du Nord) Claude DHINNIN (Depute du Nord) Serge DIDIER (Depute de la Haute-Garonne) Andre DILIGENT (Senateur du Nord) Eric DOLIGE (Depute du Loiret) Michel DOUBLET (Senateur de la Charente-Maritime) Hubert DURAND-CHASTEL (Senateur representant les Francais etablis hors deFrance) Jean-Paul DURIEUX (Depute de Meurthe-et-Moselle) Charles FeVRE (Depute de la Haute-Marne) Nicolas FORISSIER (Depute de l'Indre) Jean-Pierre FOUCHER (Depute des Hauts-de-Seine) Alfred FOY (Senateur du Nord) Jean-Paul FUCHS (Depute du Haut-Rhin) Claude GAILLARD (Depute de Meurthe-et-Moselle) Francis GALIZI (Depute des Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) Aubert GARCIA (Senateur du Gers) Claude GATIGNOL (Depute de la Manche) Jean GENEY (Depute du Doubs) Daniel GOULET (Senateur de l'Orne) Adrien GOUTEYRON (Senateur de la Haute-Loire) Jean GRAVIER (Depute de l'Allier) Francis GRIGNON (Senateur du Bas-Rhin) Gerard GRIGNON (Depute de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon) Michel HABIG (Depute du Haut-Rhin) Anne HEINIS (Senateur de la Manche) Remi HERMENT (Senateur de la Meuse) Pierre-Remy HOUSSIN (Depute de la Charente) Bernard HUGO (Senateur de l'Ardeche) Robert HUGUENARD (Depute de la Haute-Garonne) Bernadette ISAAC-SIBILLE (Depute du Rhone) Yvon JACOB (Depute d'Ille-et-Vilaine) Michel JACQUEMIN (Depute du Doubs) Serge JANQUIN (Depute du Pas-de- Calais) Didier JULIA (Depute de Seine-et-Marne) Christian KERT (Depute des Bouches-du- Rhone) Jean KIFFER (Depute de la Moselle) Jean-Pierre KUCHEIDA (Depute du Pas-de- Calais) Pierre LAGUILHON (Depute des Pyrenees-Atlantiques) Henri LALANNE (Depute des Landes) Edouard LANDRAIN (Depute de Loire-Atlantique) Louis LAUGA (Depute des Landes) Thierry LAZARO (Depute du Nord) Bernard LECCIA (Depute des Bouches-du-Rhone) Jacques LEGENDRE (Senateur du Nord) Edouard LE JEUNE (Senateur du Finistere) Pierre LELLOUCHE (Depute du Val-d'Oise) Guy LEMAIRE (Senateur de Loire-Atlantique) Gerard LEONARD (Depute de Meurthe-et-Moselle) Arnaud LEPERCQ (Depute de la Vienne) Pierre LEQUILLER (Depute des Yvelines) Marcel LESBROS (Senateur des Hautes-Alpes) Francois LESEIN (Senateur de l'Aisne) Jacques LIMOUZY (Depute du Tarn) Claude LISE (Senateur de la Martinique) Maurice LOMBARD (Senateur de la Cote-d'Or) Jean-Louis LORRAIN (Senateur du Haut-Rhin) Roland du LUART (Senateur de la Sarthe) Alain MADALLE (Depute de l'Aude) Philippe MADRELLE (Senateur de la Gironde) Kleber MALECOT (Senateur du Loiret) Claude MALHURET (Depute de l'Allier) Christian MARTIN (Depute du Maine-et-Loire) Patrice MARTIN-LALANDE (Depute du Loir-et-Cher) Jacques MASDEU-ARUS (Depute des Yvelines) Gerard MENUEL (Depute de l'Aube) Denis MERVILLE, Depute de la Seine-Maritime) Georges MESMIN (Depute de Paris) Gilbert MEYER (Depute du Haut-Rhin) Pierre MICAUX (Depute de l'Aube) Louis MOINARD (Senateur de la Vendee) Georges MOTHRON (Depute du Val-d'Oise) Georges MOULY (Senateur de la Correze) Renaud MUSELIER (Depute des Bouches-du-Rhone) Lucien NEUWIRTH (Senateur de la Loire) Paul d'ORNANO (Senateur representant les Francais etablis hors de France) Jean-Claude PAIX (Depute de la Haute-Garonne) Monique PAPON (Depute de la Loire-Atlantique) Jean-Marc PASTOR (Senateur du Tarn) Jean-Pierre PHILIBERT (Depute de la Loire) Louis PHILIBERT (Senateur des Bouches-du-Rhone) Auguste PICOLLET (Depute de Savoie) Daniel PICOTIN (Depute de la Gironde) Etienne PINTE (Depute des Yvelines) Bernard PLASAIT (Senateur de Paris) Alain PLUCHET (Senateur de l'Eure) Jean POURCHET (Senateur du Doubs) Georges PRIVAT (Depute de l'Aveyron) Jean PRORIOL (Depute de la Haute-Loire) Rene REGNAULT (Senateur des Cotes d'Armor) Lucien RENAUDIE (Depute de la Correze) Henri REVOL (Senateur de la Cote-d'Or) Henri de RICHEMONT (Depute de la Charente) Philippe RICHERT (Senateur du Bas-Rhin) Jacques RICHIR (Depute du Nord) Roger RIGAUDIeRE (Senateur du Cantal) Guy ROBERT (Senateur de la Vienne) Jean-Jacques ROBERT (Senateur de l'Essonne) Jean-Paul de ROCCA SERRA (Depute de Corse-du-Sud) Francois ROCHEBLOINE (Depute de la Loire) Marie-Josee ROIG (Depute du Vaucluse) Francois ROUSSEL (Depute de la Dordogne) Yves ROUSSET-ROUARD (Depute du Vaucluse) Andre ROUVIERE (Senateur du Gard) Jean-Marie ROUX (Depute de l'Ardeche) Michel RUFIN (Senateur de la Meuse) Rudy SALLES (Depute des Alpes-Maritimes) Andre SANTINI (Depute des Hauts-de-Seine) Claude SAUNIER (Senateur des Cotes-d'Armor) Suzanne SAUVAIGO (Depute des Alpes-Maritimes) Maurice SCHUMANN (Senateur du Nord) Bernard SEILLIER (Senateur de l'Aveyron) Bernard SERROU (Depute de l'Herault) Franck SERUSCLAT (Senateur du Rhone) Jean-Pierre SOISSON (Depute de l'Yonne) Alain SUGUENOT (Depute de la Cote-d'Or) Paul-Louis TENAILLON (Depute des Yvelines) Michel TERROT (Depute du Rhone) Alain VASSELLE (Senateur de l'Oise) Gerard VOISIN (Depute de la Saone-et-Loire) Henri WEBER (Senateur de la Seine-Maritime) Adrien ZELLER (Depute du Bas-Rhin) .

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