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Belgium House of Representatives Resolution on Tibet (1994) [p.330]



29 MARCH, 1994



relative to the protection of the Tibetan People


- "Considering the distinct cultural heritage of the Tibetan people and emphasizing that the recognition of all cultural identity contributes to an enrichment of the international community;

- "Considering the repeated condemnations of the policy of the People's Republic of China in Tibet;

- "Considering the serious threats weighing on the very survival of Tibetan people in all the regions which they have traditionally occupied, including Kham and Amdo;

- "Considering the constant violation of the human rights by the Chinese authorities established in Tibet;

- "Considering the massive transfer of the Chinese population in Tibet;

- "Considering the massive deforestation practised by the occupying Chinese which destroys the delicate ecological balance of Tibet;

- "Conscious of the danger of disappearance of the Tibetan national identity and the Tibetan culture;

- "Considering the growing militarisation of Tibet by China and the installation of the Chinese nuclear arms in Tibet;

- "Considering the "Five Points Plan" proposed to China as a basis of negotiations by the Dalai Lama;

- "Considering the desire of the Tibetan people which is to restore their national autonomy and their rights to preserve and develop their culture;

The House of Representatives,

Requests the government to exercise its pressure on the Chinese authorities to:

- stop the violations of human rights of the Tibetan people, its culture, religion and heritage, and pull back their nuclear arms and stop the massive deforestation of Tibet;

- cease the policy of the massive Chinese implantation in Tibet which violates the Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949) and which has reduced Tibetans to the status of minority in their own country;

- release all the persons who are imprisonned due to their religious or political conviction or for having expressed their opinion;

- engage in true negociations with the Tibetan government in exile in view to grant the right of self-determination to the Tibetan people and establish a zone of peace in Tibet within its 1959 borders;

- stop without delay the policy of forced birth control applied to the Tibetan population;

Requests the Belgian government to ensure that the the international rules of law concerning Tibet, namely the United Nations resolutions 1353 (XIV), 1723(XVI) and 2079(XX) are strictly enforced."



-1132 - 92/93

-N 1: Resolution proposal of Mr Simons and his collegues.

-N 2 to 4: Amendments.

-N 5: Rapport.

-N 6: Text adopted by the Commission.

Annals: 29 March 1994

(*) Third session of the 48th legislature.

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