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Basque Autonomous Country Parliament Resolution on Tibet (1995) [p.324]


Basque Autonomous Country, Spain


12 December 1995

Mrs Carmen Asian Ayala, Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Commission, certifies that the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Basque Parliament which met in an official session on 12 December 1995 and having been briefed on the updated information relative to the situation of the Tibetan people, has unanimously accepted the institutional declaration on the situation of the Tibetan people in the following terms:


1. Declares its support to the Tibetan people, a million old entity characterised by its history, culture, language and its own institutions which, following the invasion and occupation of its territory by the Chinese army has been subjected to forced political assimilation and continued violations of Human Rights.

2. Pays homage to the Tibetan people and their exile institutions, and expresses the solidarity and respect of the Basque people.

3. Supports the rights of the Tibetan people to freely choose their future social, cultural and economic policies.

4. Requests the Spanish Government to urge the government of China, and particularly appeals to the EU and the international organisations to respect the Human rights and the free aspiration of the people of Tibet and also to put an end to the conflicts through dialogue and negotiations.

5. Urges the Basque Government

- to continue to explore ways of collaboration and cooperation as it has been doing till now,

- to adopt and realise, in due time, the projects that will contribute in aiding the Tibetans in exile, their return to their country and the development of the Tibetan people.

In order to resolution official according to executive procedure, I am sending it for approval to the President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Basque Parliament on 12 December 1995.


Seat of the Basque Government

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