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West German Parliament Resolution on Tibet (1987) [p.320]


BONN, OCTOBER 15, 1987


Deutscher Bundestag(W-German Parliament) No. 11/953 of 14-10-87

The parliamentary parties of the CDU/CSU (Christian Democrats), SPD (Social Democrats), FPD (Liberals) and DIE GRUENEN (Green Party) propose a motion on Human Rights Violations in Tibet.

Parliament may pass the following:

Despite some liberalizing steps on the part of the Chinese Government, which are to be commended, there are still violations of Human Rights on the part of the Government of the People's Republic of China going on. With growing concern the German Parliament notes that the situation in Tibet has changed for the worse during the last weeks.

The German Parliament asks the Federal Government to support that:

1) The Government of the People's Republic of China should respect internationally accepted Human Rights and should put an end to violations of Human Rights towards Tibetans,

2) The Government of the People's Republic of China should react positively to the efforts of the Dalai Lama to come to a constructive dialogue,

3) The significant wishes of the Tibetan People should be recognized to preserve Tibetan culture and religion and find out ways to enable the German people and the Government to help,

4) All political prisoners in Tibet should be freed,

5) The Federal Government, in Consultation with the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations, should find out what active help may be necessary and appropriate to specially preserve cultural identity of Tibetan refugees,

6) A fair number of scholarships be given to Tibetan youth, students and scholars in German schools, universities and other institutes of learning.

The above motion was passed by the House unanimously on 15 October, 1987.

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