Legal Materials on Tibet
European Parliament

European Parliament Resolution on Tibet (1987) [p.294]



The European Parliament

A) Gravely concerned by the recent disturbances in Lhasa which are reported to have caused many deaths,

B) Recalling that both during the early days of the Chinese occupation in the 1950s and during the Cultural Revolution the Tibetan religion and culture were brutally repressed,

C) Noting the policy of tolerance which has been shown in recent times by the Chinese authorities towards the Tibetan Buddhist religion by the reconstruction of certain monasteries, as well as the growing participation of Tibetans in the administration of the Autonomous Regions,

D) Having regard to the new legal provisions of 1984 concerning the status of autonomous regions in China,

E) Calling attention to the Dalai Lama's five-point programme on the status of Tibet and relations between the Chinese and Tibetan people,

1) Urges the Chinese Government to respect the rights of the Tibetans to religious freedom and cultural autonomy,

2) Considers that the Dalai Lama's five-point programme could well form the basis of a settlement,

3) Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council and the Government of the People's Republic of China.

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