Asylum & Immigration: Expert Affidavit Policy

An expert affidavit can benefit a Tibetan asylum case by showing that the various forms of abuse alleged by an individual Tibetan asylum seeker are consistent with overall patterns of treatment and abuse suffered by Tibetans.

Our expert affidavits are composed by members of the Tibet Justice Center Board of Directors who are recognized experts on country conditions inside Tibet, as well as conditions for Tibetan refugees in Nepal & IndiaThey are attorneys who have had years of expert experience in asylum-related matters, as well as before various United Nations Committees and Sub-Committees and other international forums. A C.V. for the attorney preparing the affidavit will be made available to the attorney requesting the affidavit.


The cost of an expert affidavit is normally $500. This figure is well below the value of the attorney time spent preparing the affidavit, as well as what independent country-condition experts usually charge for similar services. This amount, while technically an “expert’s fee” payable to the attorney drafting the affidavit, will be donated entirely to Tibet Justice Center. It will help to enable our organization to continue to carry out indispensable work on behalf of the Tibetan people, both by broader policy work on asylum issues, and by project work that includes fact-finding research, environmental and human-rights reporting and advocacy, and work at the United Nations.

If you are a solo practitioner or member of a small firm with little to no pro bono budget, we are open to negotiating the fee or waiving it altogether. What we do not want is for Tibetans to bear the financial burden of the experts fee because their attorney will not or cannot pay for it. In these cases, our attorneys will provide affidavits on a pro bono basis, time and resources permitting.

Turn-Around Time
The usual turn-around time for an expert affidavit is 30 days. A request for the affidavit to be completed in a shorter time period constitutes a “rush” and may result in a higher fee.

Expert Testimony
In almost all cases, expert affidavits are sufficient to illustrate how an individual asylum seeker’s claims fit into a larger pattern and practice of abuses and ill-treatment. In extraordinary circumstances, Tibet Justice Center attorneys will consider giving live testimony via telephone for an additional, negotiated fee.

If you would like to request an expert affidavit or have any questions, please contact us at and put “Expert Affidavit” in the subject line of your email.