Centenary of Tibetan Independence Proclamation

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February 13, 2013 was the centenary of the Tibetan proclamation of Tibetan independence, issued by the XIIIth Dalai Lama. At a time of political instability in neighbouring China, Tibetans chose February 13, 1913 to re-assert their independence to Chinese leaders and the world. To mark the anniversary, Tibet Justice Center released an updated report “The Case Concerning Tibet”, which clearly lays out the evidence and arguments for Tibet’s sovereignty and the Tibetan people’s right to self-determination – issues just as pertinent now as they were at the time of the report’s first release in 1998. Since 1998 new evidence has come to light that only strengthens Tibet’s case to historical sovereignty, and we have included this information in the update. A complementary briefing paper on sovereignty summarises the issue

Download the full updated report

Download the Update and Executive Summary

Download TJC’s Briefing Paper on Sovereignty