Tibetan victims of China’s forced nomad eviction policies find high-level support at UN – 9 May, 2014

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Press Release

9 May 2014


For Immediate Release


Pema Dolma, Students for a Free Tibet, German/English: +41787196953 / +491603769131

Iona Liddell, Tibet Justice Center, English: + 44 7712 570736 / +41787321376

Mandie McKeown, International Tibet Network, English: +44 7748 158 618

Tenzin Dolkar, Students for a Free Tibet, Tibetan: +1 917 664 5530


Tibetan victims of China’s forced nomad eviction policies find high-level support at UN

China was pressed on three direct questions on Tibet by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) during its 8-hour review this Thursday in Geneva. The questions referenced the forced resettlement of over 1.7 million Tibetan nomads, China’s violation of the Tibetan people’s right to non-discrimination, and the need for Tibetans to be able to fully exercise their cultural and religious rights.

Despite the UN Committee’s questions to China on forced Tibetan nomad resettlement and eviction, China claimed these policies were carried out with 100% consultation of local people. China made its position very clear: “The land belongs to the State”.

Since China’s last ESCR review in 2005, mass protests have spread across Tibet and at least 131 Tibetans have set light to themselves in protest at China’s repressive policies. During China’s Universal Periodic Review outcome this March, China consented to a visit from the UN High Commissioner for Human to China and Tibet, but rejected other recommendations that addressed gross human rights violations in Tibet.

“China’s strategy of outright denial of any human rights violations should not be accepted at the UN” said Iona Liddell, Executive Director of Tibet Justice Center. “As the last remaining Tibetan nomads are being forced off their land, and the human rights situation continues to deteriorate across Tibet, we applaud the UN Committee for questioning China so thoroughly on these abuses, and urge that it continues to use all mechanisms available to hold China’s government accountable.”

Pema Dolma, Students for a Free Tibet’s Europe and Campaign Director says “Tibetan nomads from Tibet, who are at the centre of China’s forced eviction problem, are not able to come to Geneva to testify against China’s repressive policies in front of the UN Committee, for fear of State reprisal. China is trying to silence the voice of Tibetans as part of its strategy to deny the human rights crisis in Tibet. Using the UN mechanisms, we will make it impossible for China to hide the reality of the situation in Tibet.”

Mandie McKeown, Campaigns Director at International Tibet Network said “The UN Committee must now urge China to give open access to Tibetan areas to international media, and dates for an immediate visit to Tibet by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. I urge the UN Committee not to let China off the hook after the conclusion of this review. We will continue to spotlight China and its abuses in Tibet at all mechanisms within the UN to pressure Beijing to genuinely address the situation in Tibet.”